A downloadable game for Windows

It's a game about cats and explosions. What more could you want?!

You can play 1-4 players on the same keyboard!

Team up or fight to the death in an arena filled with destructible crates and upgrades! 

Install instructions

Download and extract/open the .zip file.


Bombercat 1.1 (x64).zip 14 MB
Bombercat 1.1 (x86).zip 11 MB
Bombercat 1.0 (x64) 14 MB
Bombercat 1.0 (x86) 11 MB

Development log


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If you add a walking sound...cause it doesn't feel nice without it while playing..and add maybe background music or some shit like that.. ....9/10

It sounds like I might have to turn up the volume of those walking sounds then! Glad you enjoyed the game. ^^


11/10 great game

Wow you spent your first post on that. Somehow I'm kinda disappointed.