1.1 Now Available!

Yes you read that right! Version 1.1 is finally out with quite a few quality-of-life changes!

Well enough waiting, let's get to it!

New features & improvements:

+ Various new sounds! (Upgrades, footsteps, deaths)

+ Dev console (F3 to access)

+ Improved credits scrolling

+ Quicker tutorial

+ Social media buttons on the main menu

Bugs and fixes:

- Level transition animation now work again if the camera has moved horizontally

- Scenes will now no longer load infinitely if the main menu has never been loaded

- The fourth tutorial checkpoint now works again

That's about it! I hope you enjoy this update!


Bombercat 1.1 x64 14 MB
Sep 10, 2018
Bombercat 1.1 11 MB
Sep 10, 2018

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